Our Pastor

Photo By: Gregory Braggs Jr.
Photo By: Gregory Braggs Jr

Dr. Gregory Braggs Sr. is the reorganizer and Senior Pastor of the Silver Star Church, a church that is actively involved in the community of Rome, Mississippi.

Dr. Gregory is an anointed man of God who is committed to teaching the whole word of God. His passion for people and his desire to reach the lost are evident in his delivery and ability to take on important issues.

He is a 4th generation pastor, teacher, and preacher on both sides of his father and mother. In 1989, Dr. Gregory heeded God’s call, followed in his fathers footsteps, and became the pastor of the Silver Star Church. With over 25 years in pastoring and nearly 30 years in the ministry, Dr. Gregory has enjoyed a life as a devoted leader and ambassador for Christ.

Dr. Gregory Braggs Sr. holds several religious degrees: a Bachelors of Biblical Studies, a Masters of Ministry, a Doctorate of Christian Counseling, and a Doctorate of Pastoral Theology. Dr. Braggs also holds several certifications. He is a certified Men’s Minister, Home Counselor, Financial Counselor, and he is a board certified Pastoral Therapist, Faith-Based Instructor, and Faith-Based Clinical Therapist.

Dr. Braggs is the president and founder One Faith Ministry, Inc., where other christian leaders are trained and can earn a certification in Christian Counseling, obtain a ministers license or ordination license, and more. He is also the president of the Rome Community Development Organization and Rome Apartment Homes.

Dr. Braggs is a professor of Biblical Studies at the Exodus School of the Bible Seminary in Cleveland, Mississippi, under Bishop Roderick Mitchell, where he teaches: Practical Evangelism, Attributes of God, and Christology.

Dr. Gregory and Dr. Bennie Braggs have been happily married for 32 years. They also have two adult children Elaineia and Gregory Jr.