Our First Lady

Photo By: Gregory Braggs Jr.
Photo By: Gregory Braggs Jr.

Dr. Bennie Braggs is a woman of true character. Seasoned with humor, compassion, revelatory insight, and personal candor, Dr. Braggs opens minds and touches hearts with biblically-based principles of inner healing and personal empowerment. She is a woman of prayer and praise, whose highest form of worship is the study of God’s Word. Her greatest desire is to know God.

Dr. Bennie Braggs holds several religious degrees: Bachelors of Biblical Studies, Masters of Ministry, and two Doctorates, individually in Christian Counseling, Pastoral Theology and Christian Therapist Professor. Dr. Braggs demands that her Christian Education goes beyond her secular education. She holds an undergraduate degree in Psychology, Masters of Education, and a Masters of Human Resource in Family and Marriage.

Pulling on her background in education, psychology, and counseling, Dr. Braggs translates spiritual insights into everyday language that empowers individuals to transform their lives—helping change the path people take in search of meaning, dignity, purpose, and hope.

With superb devotion, Dr. Bennie Braggs handles her obligation to serve in ministry, alongside her husband, Dr. Gregory Braggs Sr., as the Associate Pastor of the Silver Star Church in Rome, MS. She is the founder of Silver Star Church Woman’s Prayer, where she teaches woman how to surrender to a life of prayer.

Dr. Bennie Braggs is also the Vice President of One Faith Ministry, Inc. and along with Dr. Gregory Braggs Sr. The purpose of One Faith Ministry is to counsel, teach, train, encourage, and equip those in the Body of Christ who believe God has called them to help and assist other believers who are struggling with many of life’s issues.

Dr. Gregory and Dr. Bennie Braggs have been happily married for 32 years. They also have two adult children Elaineia and Gregory Jr.